Is It Time To Have Your Driveway Cleaned?

You use it every single day, but how often do you wash it? While easy to overlook, driveways do require maintenance, part of which involves cleaning from time to time.

Here are some signs that it’s time to give North Texas Pro Wash a call:

Oil and other stains. Motor oil and grease not only look unpleasant, but they require proper disposal as well. You could use the simple cat litter technique if you have a small spill, but older and larger spills are generally more difficult to remove. Don’t spend your afternoon scrubbing asphalt when our professional cleaners know how to get the job done quickly using the latest technology and cleaning equipment.

Moving and renting. A clean driveway is often the sign of a clean home, and nobody wants to buy a dirty home. Having a clean driveway increases your curb appeal along with the chances that you will be able to sell or rent your house. We know how time-consuming the real estate process is, so leave it to us to do the dirty work.

Attract more customers. If you own a business, a clean driveway or parking lot is even more important. With a higher frequency of use comes a higher level of grime and spills, so don’t let it slip past you. Large or small, we can even clean full-size parking garages.

If you think it’s time to pressure wash your driveway, don’t worry if you don’t feel like the one who needs to clean it. Contact us for rates and information on our wide variety of cleaning services.

Why you should consider residential pressure washing

When it comes to house maintenance, residential pressure washing might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, and trimming the hedges might be some common activities you’d think of, but what about cleaning your driveway?

Think about your driveway: it gets used every single day and is often the overnight home of one or more vehicles. It probably collects oil stains, tire marks, dirt, mildew, and other unidentifiable stains. Over time, a bright concrete or brick driveway can easily fade to a dark, dirty surface that might seem permanent. But good news – it isn’t!

With a quick and simple pressure wash, you can restore your driveway to its former glory and even increase the curb value of your house. After all, what looks better – a bright and clean driveway or a dirty and dingy one? That should be an easy question to answer.

However, keep in mind that pressure washing does, by definition, involve very highly pressured and hot water. This kind of power does have the potential to damage surfaces if not done correctly, so you should definitely leave this to the professionals. We at North Texas Pro Wash are experienced in both residential and commercial pressure washing, and we know just how to get your driveway looking good again.

If you’re interested in having your driveway professionally cleaned, please feel free to contact us! We serve the entire Dallas Fort Worth area and would love to give you a free estimate over the phone.