Enhance Your Restaurant’s Appeal with Pressure Washing Services

When was the last time that you had your restaurant’s exterior professionally cleaned? It’s difficult to find time for cleaning and routine maintenance when you’re busy performing the countless tasks associated with running a restaurant. Over time, this may cause mold and mildew to form, discouraging patrons from visiting while subsequently hurting sales in the process.

Improve Your Restaurant’s Aesthetics

Owners can improve the aesthetics of their restaurant by investing in commercial exterior cleaning services. Regardless of your restaurant’s location, rain and weather will take a toll on its exterior, staining sidewalks, patios, siding and other structures. When this occurs, you may notice fewer patrons visiting your restaurant.

Patrons pay close attention to the “cleanliness” of a restaurant. In fact, a study conducted by Mintel found cleanliness was the single most deciding factor among patrons when choosing a restaurant, more so than menu selection and comfortable seating.

But even if the interior of your restaurant is clean, many patrons may take their business elsewhere if the exterior dirty. As the saying goes, “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” If your restaurant’s exterior is dirty, patrons may assume the interior is also dirty. So, send a positive message to patrons by maintaining a clean and tidy restaurant, both inside and out.

Protect Against Damage

Commercial pressure washing services offer more than just aesthetic benefits; it can also protect your restaurant from costly damage. Allowing your restaurant’s exterior to develop mold and mildew increases the risk of rotting. Wooden structures like patios and outdoor dining areas may rot, jeopardizing its structural integrity. Investing in regular exterior cleaning services, however, will protect your restaurant from this phenomenon, maintaining a positive and clean appearance for your respective business.

For fast and friendly exterior cleaning services, contact us today. North Texas Pro Wash is Texas’ premiere pressure washing and cleaning services provider, serving residential and commercial customers alike.

Five Reasons Retail Strip Power Washing is A Beneficial Service

If you oversee a retail strip, you likely want to ensure the business stays booming there. One thing to consider is retail strip power washing. Here are five reasons why keeping the exterior clean helps business run smoothly and consistently.

  • Mold: Power washing blasts mold. Mold isn’t good for anyone to breathe in, especially those who are sensitive or allergic to it. If your building exterior or sidewalk harbors mold, certain customers will want to stay away.
  • Gum: Power washing removes stains and gum spots. A dingy-appearing exterior puts some customers off and paints a negative portrait of your business. Some customers worry that a dirty exterior also means a dirty interior. You’ll want to keep your exterior looking its best, especially if you have restaurants in your retail strip.
  • Cobwebs: Power washing gets rid of bug debris and cobwebs. It’ll help to keep pests out of your property.
  • Bird Infestations: Power washing gets rid of bird infestations. Bird droppings and nesting materials around your property create health risks. The sight of bird droppings is also extremely off-putting, especially when the droppings are close to outdoor dining areas. Power washing cleans contaminated areas.
  • Windows: Gentle power washing services can get your windows sparkling. Dusty windows with streaks also paint a lower-quality image of businesses.

North Texas Pro Wash uses cutting-edge, high-pressure equipment along with hot water to blast away dingy stains. To speak with us about how we can serve your retail strip, please contact us.