The Benefits of Parking Garage Power Washing

Parking garages are, quite literally, a very high traffic area and as such, attract a huge amount of debris. Whether it’s gum, dirt, oil, or just dropped trash such as food or cigarettes, it’s easy for a parking garage to get filthy. This unwanted debris can even attract bugs and rodents, who will happily make their home in your food-filled garage. Surely these are not the clientele you’re hoping to attract!


Even aside from cleanliness and avoiding unwanted guests, why should you consider washing your parking garage? Well, it is the very first impression customers have of your business. If they step out of their car and their first footstep is into a pile of sticky day-old coffee, their first impression might not be very good. If your garage is perceived as dirty and ill-maintained, that impression will likely carry over to the store or office building as well.

This problem can easily be avoided by power washing your parking garage. At North Texas Pro Wash, we use state of the art equipment with high pressure and hot water to steam clean a variety of surfaces from concrete to cement and more. Our high pressure water streams can handle all kinds of surface stains, to make sure that the only thing your customers are stepping on is a clean floor.

At North Texas Pro Wash, we offer professional commercial and residential pressure washing services to the entire Dallas Forth Worth area. Contact us today for a free pressure washing estimate!

Pressure Washing Can Increase the Value of Your Business

One successful way to have your business stand apart from the rest is to have professional power washing done regularly. Too many businesses neglect to have a professional pressure washer come out and make their structures shine as they originally were intended. What better way to make your business stand out among your surrounding competition? Keeping your outer structure looking clean and new shows your potential customers and your loyal clients that you care about the details, even those that do not exactly pertain to their business with you.

Having a professional DFW pressure washer is highly recommended as opposed to just hiring anyone to do the job. It is too easy for these types to cause damage to your windows, as well as the building structure in general if not done correctly.

In the event that you wish to change business locations, having pressure washing performed on the building structure is also highly advisable before having it appraised or looked at by potential buyers. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of a building’s presentation by many, and it ends up costing them in the long run. North Texas Pro Wash technicians are affordable as well, so the investment makes sense on numerous levels. The only thing you have to lose is that buildup of mold and muck that has accrued over the months and years, due to the unavoidable elements of weather. Why not increase the value of your DFW business with a properly preformed pressure washing today?

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