Why Pressure Wash Patio Cleaning Is a Budget Saver

Patios are the welcoming area between the front door of your home and the rest of the world.  They are also the areas of the backyard where family and friends enjoy spending time together.  For all of these reasons, giving the patio a deep cleaning on occasion helps these areas of the home continue to be inviting.  Whether the patio is constructed of concrete, tile, brick, masonry or wood, there are affordable solutions that have dramatic results.

How we make any patio its cleanest

Patios are outdoors and this means that they eventually need a deep cleaning even if you are constantly sweeping or running water over it.  Thankfully, pressure washing and other techniques are the only things you need to keep the patio areas looking their best.  When customers call about needing a pressure wash patio service, they usually note the area is covered in bird droppings, grit, and fine particles leftover from construction, fall leaves that have left behind some discoloration or good old-fashioned dirt.

Making wooden patio decks look like new

If you have a patio or deck made from unfinished wood, it can start to look grey after a few years.  Regardless, calling a professional pressure washer service person is the right idea. The pressure washing will instantly remove signs of weathering and replace the grey color with the original color of the wood. Although there are some cases where pressure washing cannot dramatically change the way wood looks because it is old or treated with certain types of chemicals, the area will be at its cleanest.

Cleaning tile, brick and masonry patios

Pressure washing certain types of brick, tile or masonry patios is about cleaning, but also about weeding.  Unfortunately, many patios become uneven because they are not regularly pressure washed, and this allows for dirt to collect that becomes a home for weeds.  Over time, this dirt buildup also pushes the concrete and bricks apart.

Getting the patio ready for a facelift

No matter which material the patio is made from, cleaning it can be an important step to doing other types of home improvements.  For example, grit needs to be removed so that adhesives can stick to the surface.  This is common for DIY projects that involve tiling outdoor concrete.  Another good home improvement project that needs the deck to be free of dirt is staining concrete or applying a sealant.

Call us for your next patio cleaning service needs

When you are ready to give your patio some TLC, call North Texas Pro Wash.  There are several ways to get a patio or deck area renovated without the extra expense.  To get started or ask questions about the types of services offered, call us today.

Advantages of Pressure Washing for Driveway Cleaning

If it’s time for your property to have driveway cleaning, consider professional pressure washing. Pressure washing removes more than just surface dust that a garden hose can spray off. It’s a great way to get a spotless driveway, and here are a few other advantages.

Quick And Easy

Pressure washing cleans the surface swiftly, so you won’t have to wait around all day. It beats scrubbing the surface down on your hands and knees, which is time and labor-intensive. You’ll be amazed at how fast pressure washing restores your driveway to a beautifully clean condition.

Friendly to the Environment

Pressure washers can use detergents that are gentle on the environment. There is no need for harsh or abrasive chemicals. Heat and pressure do much of the cleaning work rather than chemicals.

Provides Deep Clean

Pressure washing removes oil, grime, and rust that accumulate over the years from vehicles. It also removes stubborn stains and leaves a streak-free appearance to the driveway.

Increases Property Value

Regular pressure washing of the driveway increases a property’s curb appeal and value. A clean, stain-free driveway will also help a property sell faster. If you ever plan on selling, you can expect the property’s value to go up by ten to fifteen thousand dollars with pressure washing the driveway. The driveway is often the first thing potential buyers see when they pull up to a home, so you’ll want it to make a positive impression.

North Texas Pro Wash has the tools and experience to clean a driveway thoroughly and efficiently. To find out more from a professional, please contact us.

Commercial Pressure Washing Will Benefit Your Business

If you’ve been considering hiring a Commercial Pressure Washing Service to tidy up your commercial property, you’re thinking wisely. Clean concrete has a positive impact on a business, and here’s why.

Dirty Parking Lots Are An Eyesore

Dirty concrete paints a negative image of a business. It’s easy for potential customers to assume if a business is dirty outside, it’s probably dirty inside as well. Even if that’s not true, you lose potential customers, which is why investing in concrete cleaning is beneficial. Clean concrete also communicates a positive message to potential customers. If they see you care about the property, they’re more likely to trust that you care about the goods and services you offer as well.

Clean Sidewalks Are Safer

If your concrete has grease stains or slippery spots from spilled substances, it becomes a safety hazard. You don’t want someone to slip and fall on your property because you’ll end up liable for their injuries. Don’t wait until an accident happens to rid your concrete of slippery stains.

Concrete Cleaning Saves Money in Repairs

Some types of spilled substances corrode or damage concrete, which could lead to costly repair work. Concrete cleaning removes these substances to prevent damage. Application of a sealant after cleaning also prevents future stains and erosion. With a sealant, you can choose a high-gloss or semi-gloss finish to repel spills and add some sheen.

North Texas Pro Wash uses state-of-the-art equipment to get concrete brilliantly clean. To speak with one of our experienced professionals, please contact us.

How Pressure Washing Your Patio Will Bring It Back To Life

With spring already halfway over, we are getting closer and closer to enjoying the beautiful summer months. If you’re like most people, you look forward to spending time outside whenever you can and enjoying the sun. But perhaps you’ve noticed that your patio is dusty, dirty, has some mildew growing on it. In that case, now is a great time to pressure wash your patio with the help of professionals.

Pressure washing is a great way to clean outside areas of your home. And since you probably spend quite a bit of time on your patio, keeping it clean is crucial. Especially if you plan to hold picnics, barbeques, and other family parties, you need to make sure it’s both comfortable and presentable.

Getting your patio pressure washed will help to remove the dirt and debris that has built up over time. Additionally, pressure washing can remove surface stains from last year’s parties, and even that piece of gum that’s been stuck on there for months.

Having your patio pressure washed will significantly improve its look, and give you assurance in its clean surface. Especially if you like to entertain, the thought of having your guests spend time on a dirty stained patio is less than positive. Pressure washing takes care of that issue for you.

And make no mistake, professional power washing by North Texas Pro Wash is much more effective than simply hosing down your patio. We’re professionals in this field, knowing exactly what to do to remove even the most difficult dirt. So when you are ready to get your patio clean and party ready for the summer, be sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment.

The Benefits of Parking Garage Power Washing

Parking garages are, quite literally, a very high traffic area and as such, attract a huge amount of debris. Whether it’s gum, dirt, oil, or just dropped trash such as food or cigarettes, it’s easy for a parking garage to get filthy. This unwanted debris can even attract bugs and rodents, who will happily make their home in your food-filled garage. Surely these are not the clientele you’re hoping to attract!


Even aside from cleanliness and avoiding unwanted guests, why should you consider washing your parking garage? Well, it is the very first impression customers have of your business. If they step out of their car and their first footstep is into a pile of sticky day-old coffee, their first impression might not be very good. If your garage is perceived as dirty and ill-maintained, that impression will likely carry over to the store or office building as well.

This problem can easily be avoided by power washing your parking garage. At North Texas Pro Wash, we use state of the art equipment with high pressure and hot water to steam clean a variety of surfaces from concrete to cement and more. Our high pressure water streams can handle all kinds of surface stains, to make sure that the only thing your customers are stepping on is a clean floor.

At North Texas Pro Wash, we offer professional commercial and residential pressure washing services to the entire Dallas Forth Worth area. Contact us today for a free pressure washing estimate!